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BVLOS training course

The BVLOS qualification certificate is a document that every operator wishing to fly beyond visual range must have. In order to be able to take the national exam, it is necessary to complete a training course. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part.



The theoretical training shall include the following subjects:

  •     Aviation regulations,
  •     Human performance limitations,
  •     Operational procedures,
  •     Technical and operational risk mitigation measures in the air,
  •     General knowledge of unmanned aircraft systems,
  •     Meteorology,
  •     Performance of the unmanned aircraft system in flight,
  •     Technical and operational risk mitigation measures on the ground.



BVLOS NSTS-05 out-of-sight drone flight practical training includes:

The practical training consists of practical training on the ground (1h) and in-flight exercises (8h). During the practical training on the ground we will teach you how to operate the DroneRadar and PANSA UTM in practice of technical preparation for flight, how to read and verify meteorological conditions suitable for BVLOS flight and you will learn how to check the activity of given zones. The practical flight training time is 8 clock hours for a student without a VLOS rating, i.e. current NSTS-01, and if you already have a previously earned NSTS-01 rating, i.e. old VLOS after conversion, you only need to fly with us for 5 clock hours. During practical flight training one instructor supervises one student.

  •     Pre-flight activities, preparing the drone for flight;
  •     Performing take-off and landing;
  •     Activities during the flight: changing flight parameters, changing speed, altitude, changing orientation;
  •     Operations out of visual range BVLOS
  •     Learning the post-flight activities;
  •     Prevention of hazardous situations.