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Drones with thermovision

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Drones with thermal imaging camera are used by specialists from various industries where they replace traditional solutions. In the construction industry, handheld cameras are being replaced in favour of drones with thermal imaging due to their mobility, and in rescue and search units an unmanned aircraft equipped with a thermal imaging camera is more effective than a large search team. The cameras offered by well known manufacturers such as Yuneec and DJI are dual cameras and the thermal imaging itself is based on FLIR.

Sectors that have been using drones successively in recent years are:

  • photovoltaics - installation inspection with indication of damaged cells

  • construction - thermal inspections of buildings for thermal losses

  • fire service - fire detection, rescue and search

  • power engineering - inspections of high voltage lines

  • forestry - animal inventory

  • security - object protection, motion detection

The use of drones allows to reduce costs and working time, and increases the safety of the employees themselves. The duality of the cameras gives the possibility to record in daylight or thermal imaging mode, and the two images can be overlapped to improve the quality of the collected material. Flir sensors with a maximum resolution of 640x512 will prove to be suitable for the most demanding mssions.