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Drone air measurement systems (SMOG)

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Drone Yuneec H520 equipped with the Atmon FL mobile air laboratory is a proven solution for cities with smog problems. It is also used by companies providing measurement services or specialized factories.

The whole kit is operated by flying over a smoke and a string of propellers will make sure that air is 'sucked' directly into the sensor where the measurement will be made.The results are available in real time on the computer screen.

The mobile lab is a peripheral device, which means that it can work independently of a drone and can be mounted on the roof of a car to create a smog map of the area. The modularity of the Atmon makes it a versatile device and can be configured to suit your needs. A list of available sensors can be found here. Additionally, each version allows you to read data such as air humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

The manufacturer provides a certificate of conformity of the product with the harmonised standards of the EU directive EMC 2004/108/EC and 94/9/EC ATEX with later amendments.