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Photovoltaics is one of the most dynamic industries in Poland. Increasing competition makes the installers reach for modern solutions to better and more efficiently respond to market needs and customer expectations.




First, efficiency and time savings - companies that are already using the capabilities of the UAV point out that the time to inspect photovoltaic panels is much shorter. This is because the drone from altitude is able to capture more of the area being inspected. In addition, the person performing the inspection has a camera view and is able to perform the inspection without going up on the roof. There is also the benefit of not having to hire skilled workers with licenses to work at heights. In the case of extensive photovoltaic farms, the drone can be programmed and a route can be set for it to follow. With the traditional survey method, a person needs up to several hours more depending on the size of the area.


Secondly, safety. Performing a mission with a drone means that there is no need to go up on the roof, but also no need to schedule appointments with clients and adjust to the presence of homeowners. With the owner's permission, the inspection can be done remotely, when we have time. Online broadcasts allow the inspected object to be viewed from the apparatus in real time, without having to repeat the inspection. Performing the mission remotely without contacting the property owners and having to go up on the roof is also simply a safer solution during the COVID-19 pandemic and reduces the risk of infection.






The basic tool for inspection is a thermal imaging camera. It is worth mentioning that professional drones offer much more! Do you want your drone to measure the surface and inclination of the roof in addition to inspecting the panels? Providing your drone with dedicated terrain mapping software will allow for such measurements. When choosing the right drone, pay attention to whether it is possible to mount additional cameras (e.g. inspection camera with 30x zoom), and whether the drone has a hot-swap function, where the camera can be replaced without disassembling the device or even without turning it off, which saves time and increases productivity.

The photovoltaic industry and the drone market are growing at breakneck speed, with flying units offering solutions that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Use the potential of modern drones in your business!

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