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We haven't known for a long time that the best statisticians for their markets are insurance companies. They collect thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of data records every day - not because they like to, or have nothing better to do - but because that data allows them to better price their insurance products and, consequently, make better money.

Occasionally, though, with or without opportunity, some of these companies make some of their analytics available, so we're not exactly at a loss either. Knowledge is said to be worth more than money - and that remains to be seen.

dlaczego dron nie działa? przyczyny serwisów

A few days ago, Coverdrone, a Dutch company specializing in drone insurance for the European market, published a list of the most common reasons for drone loss or damage, and from Coverdrone's point of view: the most common reasons for drone policy claims. What does it show? First of all, that as in previous years, the biggest threat to a drone is... its pilot. What was the most threatening thing to drones, besides the pilot, in 2021? Here's the list:

1) Pilot error,
2. accidental destruction,
3. loss of communication,
4. drone escape,
5. Accidental loss,
6. mechanical failure,
7. collision with bird,
8. loss of power,
9. weather,
10. Theft.

rozbity dron naprawa drona serwis

Pilot error ended tragically for the drone in 3 out of 10 total cases (33%) - which shows the direction of drone development in the future. Eliminating the pilot will dramatically increase the safety level of drone operations. Interestingly - a year ago it was much worse (as high as 49%), which Coverdrone explains by the rapid changes in European legislation regulating drone use. In 2021, millions of Europeans acquired amateur and/or professional certificates and passed various exams on drone knowledge and piloting. This has resulted in this rather radical change.

Mechanical failures - which pilots feel are the most common cause of their failures - took the number 6 spot on the list in 2021 - while the year before they occupied the number 4 position. Why? It's not magic - it's technology. Drones are now one of the hi tech industry's fastest growing products, as we can see by looking at new drones "sensorized" to the limit. Also, the quality and durability of solutions used by manufacturers are getting better and better.

serwis aeromind naprawa dronów

Among all the reasons mentioned for insurance claims, accidental loss saw the biggest jump over 2021 - from tenth to fifth place. Examples of accidental loss include, but are not limited to, being lost, being left on transport (bus, cab, streetcar), or leaving some piece of kit on the "battlefield".

What is the moral of the above? If you lose your drones in the coming year - you will probably crash or lose them yourself. Technical reasons on the part of the drone itself are increasingly unlikely. The changes in 2021, compared to 2020, confirm the old truth: practice makes perfect! You will find more and more useful knowledge on the web - and one of its sources is the support we have prepared for our drone users. Use it and fly accident free!

Troubleshooting FAQ (for free!)
E-learning aeroMind Academy (free!)
Periodic inspections
- Hotline

zepsuty dron serwis aeromind

PS. For those who like to analyze, for comparison, here is the list from the previous 2020:


1. pilot error,

2. Accidental destruction,

3. Loss of communications,

4. Mechanical failure,

5. collision with a bird,

6. drone escape,

7. theft from vehicle,

8. loss of equipment,

9. loss of power supply,

10. theft from property.

przyczyny rozbicia drona dronów drony
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Basic maintenance program (after 75 flight hours)

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Annual maintenance program

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