Since the first announcements of a zoom camera for the H520 we have been looking forward to finally being able to fly one ourselves. A few days ago that moment finally came. The E30Z is equipped with 30x optical zoom, 6x digital zoom and has an integrated 3-axis gimbal. It films in Full HD and takes photos in the same resolution, which is 1980x1080.  The camera comes with a sturdy, dedicated carrying case, making it easy to take care of in field conditions. The rail plate that the camera connects to the drone is larger in this model than in other Yuneec cameras: a different shape was used here, and a larger number of vibration isolators, because instead of the standard four, the E30Z has seven of them.  The camera is big, solid, and has a metal body, but how does it take pictures? I think the 30x bird's eye zoom will impress anyone.

Below are some of our review photos taken during test flights. They have not been subjected to any processing. The camera can automatically add data about the date and time the photo was taken, and the zoom level, and we used this option to give viewers a better idea of what zoom they are looking at. To see the photo in full resolution, right click on it and download it to your drive, or click "show image".

The E30Z comes in a dedicated carrying case. Pictures of the camera itself and the case are placed at the bottom of this article. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our materials. 

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo. 1. Zoom 1x - There is a vehicle and a person at the intersection of an alley and a dirt road. The photograph was taken from 300m away.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo. 2. Zoom 30z - The license plates are clearly visible, as is the operator himself. Details of the vehicle and its surroundings are clearly visible. The photo was taken from the same location as photo #1, at a distance of 300m.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo 3: A screenshot of the camera with telemetry. The drone is at a distance of 250m. from the photographed object and the license plate of the car can be read on the live view.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo 4. Shows a high voltage pole without a close-up.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo 5. Power line insulator at maximum 30x optical zoom (without using digital zoom). The photo was taken from the same location as photo 4.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo 6. Lower fragment of an insulator for a high voltage line. The photo was taken with 30x optical zoom from the same point as photo #4. 

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo. 7. The upper part of the high voltage line pole. The emerging corrosion marks are clearly visible.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo 8. This shot was taken in an office environment from a distance of about 2-3 meters and shows a portion of the ST16S control unit. As you can see, the autofocus performs very well even at short distances.

H520 E30Z

Photo 9. This is the camera mounted on H520.

H520 E30z

Photo 10: The case.

H520 E30Z Yuneec

Photo 11: The interior of the case. The balls you see on the right are replacement sponges for the landing gear, which can come in handy when calibrating the gimbal, because without them the camera mounted on the drone standing on the ground is too long to point it vertically down.

Yuneec H520 E30Z

Photo 12. Another view of the contents of the case.

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