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ATMON FL certyfied in YCAP

ATMON FL  certyfied  in YCAP
Air pollution is one of the major global environmental risks to our health and nature. A global problem needs local fixes. The most crucial to achieve appropriate air quality is to start at the sources and locate the emission points of pollution. For drones, the job in the sky is their dedicated working habitat, where they can make the most significant difference. This made Yuneec's first accessory in YCAP (Yuneec Certification Accessories Program) Atmon FL the flying laboratory.


Atmon FL Yuneec YCAP

The clean air, health, and quality of life of the people depend on each of them, as well as on the industrial facilities. Thanks to Atmon FL, we can locate both, households that burn harmful fuel, and manufacturing installations that emit dangerous substances into the atmosphere. That is how we can protect our natural environment now. Everything operates non-invasively from the air. We can check effectively plenty of objects without any disturbing and concentrate on those that actually have a negative impact on the environment . Atmon FL is also used in the work of chemical rescue teams, where accidents of contaminated air may cause losing health and life. Performing actions maintenance-free reduces the risk taken by rescuers.

Atmon FL - new accessories in YCAP

Atmon FL YCAP certification is the result of the long-standing cooperation between Yuneec and the Polish distributor AeroMind, Atmon FL is produced by Nanosens, which for 20 years has been building experience in manufacturing instruments and providing solutions for the identification and measurement of gaseous substances. Thanks to YCAP certification, all interested parties can be sure that the drone H520 and H520E together with the Atmon FL, are mutually compatible. Safety in the air is a priority for Yuneec solutions. YCAP ensures effective use of a wide range of new applications. Drones H520 and H520E have a full manufacturer's warranty in specific sets provided by YCAP.

Dedicated to operating in the air

The design of the Atmon FL emphasized the construction of a device dedicated to working in the air. The device is lightweight  (below 300g) and has an aerodynamic shape. What is useful on Atmon FL is for sure its own power supply, independent GPS coordinate registration, and additional data transmission to the operator.

The variety of sensors

Atmon FL is a freely configurable device depending on customer needs. The entire range includes 14 sensors for which the analyser has 6 slots. The available sensors include e.g. formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, and much more. It is possible to prepare new sensors for a specific substance on request. Additionally, in each basic version, we have access to data such as relative humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, position, height, and time. There are three factory predefined sets: URBAN I and URBAN II for air quality testing and the most popular recently S.M.O.K. for verification of household chimneys smoke. More of the specification here.


AeroMind sp. z o.o., sp.k. is located in Poland, European UAV distributor. The company supplies commercial drones to partners carrying out implementations in local governments, state forests, construction, surveying, municipals, SAR, and other professional applications. The second part of the core business is the providing CE channel with consumer drones. AeroMind is an exclusive Atmon FL distributor and represents manufacturer Nanosens in trade contact regarding the line of air pollution products. Contact details:,

Nanosens sp. z o.o. is a Polish family-owned company founded in 1990 in Tarnowo Podgórne. From the beginning of its existence, it focuses its activities on the production of equipment and providing solutions for the measurement of gaseous substances. The main profile is the production of professional equipment for detecting and measuring concentrations of gaseous substances, such as gas monitors, gas detectors, gas analysers, and stationary gas detection systems. The company’s goal is to provide devices with the highest accuracy of measurements, maximum durability, and the highest possible service life while ensuring the highest quality of service.

The Yuneec H520 is designed for inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying and mapping applications and can be equipped with various camera systems. The 6-rotor system enables precise flight even in wind and turbulence, ensuring that the H520 continues to fly safely even if one of the rotors should fail. The extremely energy-efficient motor management system, together with the rotors, ensures exceptionally quiet operation and, depending on the payload, takes up to 28 minutes from a HV battery.

Yuneec Annoucment 17.09.2020


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6 552,17 € net/1szt.8 059,17 € incl. VAT/1szt.
Atmon FL S.M.O.K II

Atmon FL S.M.O.K II

6 552,17 € net/1szt.8 059,17 € incl. VAT/1szt.
Atmon FL Air pollution analyser

Atmon FL Air pollution analyser

2 473,55 € net/1szt.3 042,47 € incl. VAT/1szt.
Atmon FL HCHO formaldehyde measurement module

Atmon FL HCHO formaldehyde measurement module

815,72 € net/1szt.1 003,34 € incl. VAT/1szt.