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Elistair designs and manufactures commercial tethered drone systems.

These patented innovative solutions open a new field for the power supply and control of drones. Endurance is limited by battery life and reliability of communications can suffer from saturation of bandwidth and interference from wireless signals. Tethered drones provide an answer to these problems.

Elistair is proud to be the recipient of the 2016 Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

The company works with international industrial companies and has won several awards in France and in the United States, making Elistair a fast-growing top-innovative company.




At Elistair, we design and manufacture tethered base stations for commercial drones.

Our mission is to bring efficiency and productivity to the UAV market, but above all to respond to each of our clients’ needs.

Our innovative technology opens new fields of application for drones such as persistent aerial surveillance, continuous aerial broadcasting, complex industrial inspection and traffic monitoring.

Elistair has won several awards and competitions in France and The United States and is one of the few French companies selected for European financial support under the Horizon 2020 program.



Elistair places innovation at the top of our values so we can always provide the most advanced products to our customers. Protected by multiple patents, our systems are at the cutting edge of tethered UAV technology and provides the best possible solutions to our clients.

The relationship with our customers is as important as continuing to develop our technology and services. Here to provide expertise and aftercare, we maintain a personal relationship with our clients by advising them throughout the lifespan of their tethered drone project.

Elistair provides its customers with tethering stations tailored to their specific needs. Our expertise in tethered drones allows us to propose individual solutions, adapted to our customers’ expectations.