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Professional drones

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Professional drones from well-known manufacturers such as Yuneec, DJI, DroneVolt, Elistair and Flyability are widely used in the industrial sphere and are characterized by high usability in many professions. Our offer includes, among others, popular models of DJI Matrice 300 and Yuneec H520 drones, which are perfect for difficult conditions and precise tasks. Professional drones are used in such areas as:

  • geodesy (making geodetic measurements),
  • inspections (access to hard-to-reach places, e.g. high chimneys, roofs, electric poles),
  • forestry (mapping, inventory of fauna and flora elements),
  • testing the level of smog (based on the measurement results of sensors detecting, among others, temperature, humidity, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride and particulate matter PM 0.5 - 10)
  • testing the level of air pollution (drones with sensors for measuring AQ and RI complexes),
  • control of photovoltaic panels (drones with thermal imaging camera allow to check the condition of photovoltaic installation),
  • SAR rescue, i.e. searching for missing persons, rescue at sea, in the mountains and in combat conditions,
  • fire brigade (e.g. making pictures of the area of activities or firefighting), police (operational activities, crowd monitoring).

We have a wide range of drones for various tasks. Among the types of professional drones, we distinguish drones with thermovision cameras, which allow to test the temperature of industrial equipment in heating, power engineering and building inspections. Another function is performed by drones with optical zoom, which enable precise monitoring of a given area. RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) drones allow to make measurements with an accuracy of 1 cm. On the other hand, the tethered drones are connected with a light cable to the power station, so they can be used for many hours without interruption in observation with the possibility of additional protection of video transmission.