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Specialist drones are designed for specyfic and demanding tasks and used in a variety of industries from agriculture to military units. Drones play a key role for experts. They have made work easier and often replaced humans in dangerous tasks at heights or helped solve many problems related to tight spaces, e.g. when inspecting pipelines. Many people are unaware of how far the drone industry has developed and where they are used.Here are some of the most interesting examples:

agriculture - research into development and plant health with the help of the NDVI
(Yunecc H520+ Parrot Sequoia)
• inspections of tunnels and pipelines - technical inspections by means of a small drone equipped with lighting diodes
(Flyability Elios 2)
• reading of markings - collection of key technical data and identification of micro defects of critical infrastructure with a camera with 30x optical zoom
(Yuneec H520 + E30Z)
• large area decontamination - drone raids equipped with a spray system
(DroneVolt Hercules 20)

Systems based on artificial intelligence are developing at lightning speed. They are also used in drones. Aerialtronic drone equipped with a Pensar camera is able to identify vehicle registration numbers or recognize a given face in a crowd of people.